Heart Contacts


heart-contact-1For a complete list of rehabilitation programs around Australia please go to

Or for information on rehabilitation

Helpful Links


Heart Support Australia

SADS- Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome Support

Baker IDI Research

ACRA- The Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association

Heart Rhythm Society

Department of Health and Aging

Atrial Fibrillation Association

ABC Health Matters

Australian Government : Health Insite

National Heart Foundation:

YourTotal Health – Heart Health

Blackmores Naturopath : Free personalised advice

Open Heart: Heart diseases; prevention causes and treatment

National Institute of Clinical Studies: Acute Coronary Syndrone Resource Exchange

Victorian Government Health Information: Chronic Disease Management

THe Health & Wellbeing Studio

Contacts for Emotional Support

heart-contacts-2Life Goes On

Beyond Blue
Call 1300 22 4636
In the case of emergency call 24 hour crisis support line

Call 13 1114