Genetic Research

Molecular Cardiology Research Program

The Agnes Ginges Centre for Molecular Cardiology at the Centenary Institute, University of Sydney, is dedicated to discovering the causes of genetic heart disease with the ultimate goal to develop new forms of treatment and disease prevention. There are now over 40 different heart diseases identified that are caused directly by a fault in genetic make-up. An important focus of research at the Centre is sudden cardiac death in the young. Genetic faults can result in structural changes in the heart, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is found in 1 in 500 people, or cause heart rhythm disorders, such as long QT syndrome, both of which can lead to sudden cardiac death. There is, however, a lot that is still not known about the underlying causes and lifestyle risk factors that can lead to sudden cardiac death, and our research is aimed at earlier diagnosis and the implementation of life-saving prevention strategies that will ultimately reduce sudden death in our community, and improving the heart health of all Australians. To find out more about research at the Agnes Ginges Centre for Molecular Cardiology, please visit our website at

National Genetic Heart Disease Registry

nghdr_logoThe National Genetic Heart Disease (NGHD) Registry aims to enrol every family in Australia with a genetic heart disease. It is the first research-based registry in the world to include all forms of genetic heart disease, making it a unique resource for better understanding genetic heart diseases. The information contained in this database will provide an accurate picture of genetic heart disease in Australia, providing a vital foundation for future research breakthroughs. The NGHD Registry will allow researchers to rapidly increase their knowledge of genetic heart diseases, from severity of symptoms of disease to the effectiveness of different medications and therapies. Access to the information contained in NGHD Registry by approved Australian research groups will ultimately result in improved treatment options and patient care.

The national genetic heart disease registry aims to enrol every Australian family with an inherited heart disease. For more information about the registry and whether you are eligible to enrol, please visit our website at