V004453_Hall_EM-14_webDid you know that you could be eligible for transport and accommodation assistance?

The assistance may include:

  • Subsidies for private car travel
  • Subsidies for accommodation
  • Public transport reimbursements
  • Air travel
  • Taxi travel only to the nearest public transport

If you are eligible for the scheme please ask your local doctor to sign your forms

  • Ask your doctor if an escort is necessary
  • Keep public transport receipts and petrol and accommodation receipts to claim for yourself and eligible escorts
  • If using commercial airlines remember to request a tax invoice when making your booking

To apply for transport and accommodation assistance, all patients are required to complete a Claim Form. The form requires the details of the approved medical specialist services to be verified by the approved medical specialist or an authorised representative. The specialist or authorised representative must also endorse the need for accommodation and the need for an escort.


Please see below to be directed to the patient assistance scheme in your state:



Contact NSW Government Health: 02 9391 9000



Contact NT Government Health: (08) 8999 2400



Contact Queensland Health: 07 3234 0111



Central Office Freecall:1800 188 115:



Contact PTAS: 1300 135 513



Contact VIC Health Freecall: 1300 737 073



Contact WA country Health: 1800 728 792